Montgomery County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Chris Allen is a criminal defense attorney representing clients throughout Montgomery County including Conroe, The Woodlands, Willis, New Caney, Magnolia and all of the surrounding areas. Attorney Allen has years of criminal litigation experience and will bring this experience to the table to insure that all of his clients receive the best possible outcome in their felony or misdemeanor cases. He is a knowledgeable, aggressive attorney who will fight to protect the rights of ALL of his clients. When he signs on to help clients and their families he will remain committed throughout the legal process to obtaining the best possible result.

Attorney Chris Allen is an experienced lawyer who has spent his entire career in Montgomery County and has earned the respect of the prosecutors and judges that he deals with on a daily basis.  The District and County Court Judges of Montgomery County awarded Attorney Allen, along with his law partner Bill Pattillo and Carolyn Atkinson a contract to handle ALL of the indigent juvenile defense cases for Montgomery County. This contract began in January of 2011 and has been an overwhelming success for the juvenile clients.

When you meet with him you will be meeting with an attorney who understands the inner workings of the various misdemeanor and felony courts in Montgomery County. He is a lawyer familiar with the Texas legal system and will use this knowledge and his resources to the advantage of his clients. He is a dedicated, aggressive, passionate attorney who is ready to help those who are currently facing charges in the criminal justice system in Conroe, The Woodlands or anywhere within Montgomery County or the surrounding areas.

If you have been charged with a crime in Montgomery County, whether felony or misdemeanor, it is absolutely necessary that you speak with a criminal defense lawyer. If you contact the Law Office of Chris Allen and Bill Pattillo they will be ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Montgomery County call Chris Allen at (936) 539-5522. He will provide you with a free consultation and will help guide you through the maze that is the Texas criminal legal system.

Are you in need of a Criminal Lawyer in Conroe, The Woodlands or the surrounding areas of Montgomery County?

Attorney Chris Allen has a decade of experience in the criminal courts of Montgomery County and is capable of handling a wide variety of criminal matters. He has handled cases involving individuals who have been charged with: DWI, drug charges, murder, sex crimes, theft crimes, robbery, sexual assault, domestic violence, burglary, probation violations, juvenile crimes and many other matters. He also expertly handles matters such as sealing of records for juveniles, expunctions and non-disclosures.

Chris Allen is ready to fight to protect your interests and is ready to make certain that your rights were not violated and that law enforcement did not make any errors in investigating your case. He will also thoroughly explain all of your legal options to you in a manner which will be understandable and provide a calming effect in this time of crisis.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When a person is arrested for a crime it is understandably difficult to know what to do. Above all else, it is necessary to hire the RIGHT defense attorney. No matter how desperate a person’s situation might seem there are always legal options available. But to take advantage of these options it is necessary to hire a criminal defense attorney at the outset. The right criminal defense attorney can investigate your case from the beginning. Whether it be a DWI, a shoplifting, a probation violation or something as serious as murder an expert criminal defense lawyer can gather evidence and witness testimony and develop a case strategy that insures the best possible outcome for their client.

Why Hire Chris Allen

Attorney Chris Allen has represented many clients who faced both felony and misdemeanor charges. He has fought for these clients in court and obtained successful outcomes. He is an aggressive, competent trial attorney ready to help his clients throughout their times of crisis.

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