Case Results

  • Maintenance man found not guilty of child sex crimes. See newspaper article here.

  • Jury clears Conroe man of child sex charges. See newspaper article here.

  • Man ‘not guilty’ of sexually assaulting his daughter, 2. See newspaper article here.

  • Mistrial in Landeros case. See newspaper article here.

  • Jury trial resulting in acquittal for 12 year old juvenile client charged with felony Assault on a Public Servant.  See newspaper article here.

  • Obtained a plea of Class C Disorderly Conduct when my client was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, a 2nd Degree Felony.

  • Obtained a dismissal on a Terroristic Threat case in which my client allegedly brandished a gun by arguing that no overt threat was made

  • Obtained dismissal of DWI charge in which my client was involved in a single car accident resulting from his falling asleep and marijuana was found in his bloodstream

  • Avoided an adjudication for a juvenile client who was alleged to have swung an axe at his mother

  • Avoided charges being filed on client alleged to have sold alcohol to a minor at a local restaurant

  • Avoided an adjudication on a client alleged to have had sexual contact with his 9 year old brother

  • Obtained a dismissal of Terroristic Threat charges in which my client was alleged to have threatened a female with a baseball bat at a local bar.
  • Received a no bill from a grand jury on a felony "Injury an Elderly" case in which our client, a life long educator, was alleged to have attacked a man who continuously made threats and disparaging remarks to our client's daughter and would drive towards her while she was driving a golf cart in the neighborhood.  Case resulted in a complete dismissal of all charges.
  • Got charges rejected on three teenage juveniles accused of sexually assaulting a teenage female juvenile by discrediting the complaining witness to the point where the case could not be prosecuted.
  • Won appeal after oral arguments in front of both the 9th Court of Appeals and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturning 5 convictions for Improper Relationship between Educator and Student.  Our client was acquitted on all charges by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  See newspaper article here. See the court's opinion here
  • Jury acquits man of Indecency with a Child after two day jury trial.  See newspaper article here.

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