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Great service! - I was kept up to date on what was going on with my case as well as what I would need to do in order to get everything resolved. Was able to get my case dismissed quickly and effectively!

- Morgan

Straight Shooter, Excellent Attorney - My son was facing a 3rd felony. Mr. Allen reviewed matter, gave us sound advice and aggressively pursued to get the matter dismissed. 3 1/2 days in jail and getting the matter dismissed is better than a conviction any day of the week.

- Jess

Excellent and efficient defense lawyer - This firm comes highly recommended by me. They made my nightmare a walk in the breeze.

- LBen

Efficient and effective - Chris handled probation violation case very efficiently. We were pleased with the outcome and thankful we chose him to represent us.

- Anonymous

Excellent Service - Chris did a great job with my case and was able to get it dismissed. He was always very responsive to my emails and phone calls and carefully explained everything anytime I had a question. Overall, excellent service and I recommend him to anybody in need.

- Matthew

Worth It!! - I searched for a juvenile attorney for my 14 year old son due to having an altercation on school premises. Mr. Allen was extremely knowledgeable in juvenile law and helped us out of the situation! Worth the Money!!

- Anonymous

Professional and Conscientious - Chris was careful to review every aspect of my case from every point of view. He is soft spoken, well mannered, and quite effective where it counts.... in court. I received the outcome I expected (case dismissed) in a minimal amount of time which is huge when dealing with the anxiety of arrest and potential long term implications of conviction. Choose someone local to your jurisdiction who is familiar with your assigned court and prosecutor. I would recommendation Chris Allen without hesitation.

- Joseph

Reputable Juvenile Defense Attorney - We hired Mr. Allen to help us with a case that involved our special needs child in a school related incident. He was very helpful and gave me advise over the phone prior to hiring him. We hired him few days later and as soon as we gave him the supporting information he requested, he meet with the prosecutor the same day to go through it. Then that afternoon he let us known that the prosecutor decided to drop the case. We were very...

- Tanya

Done a awesome job. - I hired Mr. Allen as my attorney. And he done a awesome job with my case. And this man lost sleep alot and worked his fingers to the bone for me. And when it came to trial he went in and fought one of the hardest cases there is to win...and thanks to him and the good lord above we came out with a victory..

- Darin

Caring, Determined, and Responsive - My family first consulted with Chris over a school related incident, and he promptly provided us with his very best advice on how to handle the situation. A few months later, we came to him with an extremely time sensitive case and he became fully invested in the situation. He was more than just a lawyer, he really took the time to take an interest in the case and my predicament. Also, he was fair beyond compare and, in the end, provided us with a result in the court that was better than my family and I could have imagined.

- Anthony

Educated, professional and knowledgeable - Looking for legal representation is tough. We picked Chris Allen because his record stood for itself, but what we got was so much more. He took a bad situation and helped us through it every step of the way. He and his staff are well versed, professional, and caring... something you don't find every day! This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

- Sandra

If you need a criminal lawyer, Chris or his partner Bill are the people to call - When you look to hire an attorney, you try to find someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, and can represent you well. Chris has all that, but in addition, he truly cares; an attribute that few lawyers have. We did not know Chris when we hired him, but we could not have asked for a better lawyer. He and his partner Bill stood by us, believed in the case, and worked so hard to deliver good results.

- Gus

Highly Recommend Chris Allen - When we needed someone on our side, Chris Allen not only responded but delivered. His communication, recommendations and follow through are impeccable. Not only was he able to assist us on our case, but get it dismissed. I highly recommend Chris Allen. This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

- Belle

Excellent representation - We had hired Chris Allen after we were not making progress with the first attorney. He put us at ease without promising it would be an easy process. It took time however he was able to obtain a dismissal which was not even our most hopeful outcome it seemed. We are very grateful to the professionalism and expertise and would recommend to anyone needing a great defense attorney.

- Dennis

Professional, knowledgable and honest - We hired Chris when our son was accused of something he clearly didn't do. Chris was very knowledgable about what to expect during this process and was always very quick to respond to any questions. We would highly recommend him to anyone who might be in need of a Criminal attorney.

- anonymous

Amazing Man & Even Better Attorney! - People joke about the questionable morals and shady character of lawyers constantly. Most times, they may be right. However, in the case of Chris Allen, it could not be further from the truth. While no one wants to ever need an attorney, when you do, you want the best. Chris guided our family through a very tough time and helped facilitate an outcome that far surpassed our expectations. Chris is beyond responsive with emails often being answered well after hours. He delivered on every promise, provided accurate and candid information, and always made sure we knew what was happening or going to happen. Chris demonstrated a level of patience and understanding for the whole family that helped ease the fear and burden associated with this process. You cannot go wrong using Chris and will find his amazing connections within Montgomery County are only outweighed by the respect openly shown to him from other lawyers and judges. Thank you Chris for everything you did for my family. We can truly never fully express our appreciation or gratitude!

- John

Perfect Choice for juvenile attorney - Chris was always true to his word... Never overstated his abilities.... Offered his service at a fair price....and he WAS VICTORIOUS IN OUR LEGAL CASE

- Ken

The Right choice for the BEST outcome - Chris is very responsive and resourceful. He has great team in his office and good contacts within the court system. We had an unusually tough DWI case and he handled it with skill and provided the best possible outcome. If you are reading this, don't look any further, Chris is your guy. J & C

- James

Highly recommend.!! - I would like to begin by saying thank you to Mr. Allen and Mr. Patillo and their staff for all the hard work and effort they put into the case they where working on for my family member. When I was searching for a lawyer I did my reviews and choose them. Not knowing anything about them except for the reviews I read. I didn't know what to expect. That's until I called and spoke to Mr. Allen. I automatically knew this was the lawyer we should hire for my family member. when we met with him for the first time I knew we had hired the right lawyer. He is very caring and compassionate about what he does. He does not give you false hope, he just tells you the truth. I would recommend him and his law office to anyone that needs a good honest lawyer. His personal contact was always great and never leaves you hanging or wondering what is going on with the case. I am very pleased for what he did for my family member he did exactly what he said he was going to do. I can't thank him enough for his genorosity. My family member was looking at hard time and he got him 2 years. I'm amazed. Once again thank you Mr. Allen and Mr. Patillo and your staff for all that you have done. God Bless all of you and your families.

- Sara

Winner! - I was facing a hard battle and was being told by everyone to just accept a plea deal.... I hired Chris and we went to trials! He kept my hopes up but also didn't sugar coat the possible outcomes. He was incredible to watch in front of the jury. He was down to earth and yet intelligent and the jury loved it. I owe Mr Allen so much. He is the reason I am walking a free man.

- Rusty

Thank you!!!! - I was losing hope and thought nobody would listen to me. But then I talked to Chris.... I told him my side, he listened, he asked questions and never once appeared to be too busy to be talking to me. i am very grateful for his patience and his hard work.

- Matt

Brilliant AND funny - Most lawyers give off a creepy and insincere vibe. That is not true or Mr Allen. From our first consultation to the end of my case I felt he was being honest and up front. He has an ability to calm the room in the most stressful and scary of moments. He was also brilliant in the courtroom. I would recommend him to everyone I know.

- Pat

Simply the best - There is not enough space for me to adequately convey how much Chris did for my family. He was willing to listen to us, answer all our questions in a way that made sense to us and walked us through the process. Might I add our case ended in a favorable way and I believe that's only because of his hard work and dedication.

- Ronald

In a time of uncertainty... - Chris was responsive but relaxed during this difficult and uncertain time for us. His demeanor was pleasant, helpful, calm and caring. He was a good listener and answered our questions with candor and honesty. He made this experience bearable and he was dependable. If he said he was going to do something, he did it.

- Robin

Outstanding - Mr. Allen was extremely helpful in my defense. He was always straight forward with his communication and he kept me informed each step along the way, of what was a lengthy process. I'm thankful for Mr. Allen, and while I'm hopeful to never need his services again, I'd certainly recommend him to anyone else.

- Jackson

Not your stereotype lawyer - I unfortunately got myself in a legal bind and believed the negative things of what people say in regards to lawyers.... I was relieved to find none of those things to be true of Chris Allen. I hope to never get in this situation again but if I do Chris Allen is the only one I trust.

- Kent

Great Attorney - When I hired chris as my attorney he told me what I need to hear.... the truth. I had a case that looked like it was going to be a long and hard road that would quite possibly send me to prison. Instead of him worrying about how he was going to defend me he wanted to try and kill the case before it went to court. And he did I never even saw the inside of a courtroom. I'm so thankful for him and for everything he did to me. He gave me my life back.

- anonymous

A life saver! - My son got into some trouble a few years ago and I thought his future was ruined. I contacted Chris Allen and of course I had a million questions and was lost in the legal Mumbo jumbo that was being thrown at me by the police as well as the juvenile dept. At our first appearance in court Mr. Allen saved the day. He was able to get our son out and seemed to have a great working relationship with the prosecutor as well as the judge. Once our son was released to us it wasn't over, there were more court dates and meetings but it all led to a dismissal. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and we were even able to work with Mr Allen to get our son's record sealed, which is huge! What could have potentially been a life altering mistake for my son did not ruin his future thanks to Mr. Allen.

- Alice

Mission Accomplished - This was my first experience with a lawyer. I was really surprised and pleased with the response and the personal touch I received! I truly recommend Chris Allen and his services!!

- Doyle

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